Delaware Genealogical Society Journal
The Delaware Genealogical Society Journal is published twice each year in April and October. Each issue contains 32 pages of articles and an index. Four issues are included in each volume. Volumes start in odd-numbered years (except for the first volume).
As a member of the Delaware Genealogical Society you will receive the journal as a benfit of membership. If you are not a member why not consider joining now. 
Journals from October 1980 through October 2018 are available to members only from our Journal Archives. While the journals from 2010 through 2018 each have an index, these have not yet been added to the Master Journal Person and Subect indices.
Purchasing Journals
Print issues of the journal are available to either members or non-members as individual purchases or by subscription. Back-issues or back-volumes may be purchased, but not individual articles. We also sell a CD containing the issues from Volume 1 through Volume 11 Issue Number 2 (42 issues in all) as page images with a searchable master index covering all these issues.
You may purchase:
  • a single issue
  • a volume (4 issues covering a 2-year publication span)
  • a CD of Volumes 1-10 plus Volume 11, issues number 1 and 2 (42 issues, 1980-2002)
How to Order
To purchase issues of the Journal you need to know the volume number and the issue number and the page(s) on which the information you seek appears. You can determine this by searching the Journal Person Index or the Journal Table of Contents available on the web site.
Use the Publication Order Form to specify what you want. Follow the instructions on the form to complete your order.
You may order online if you prefer by going to the our Store.